Hello Members,
A big thank you to all members that have already submitted a proxy! There are many left to go and time is quickly running out to submit your proxies for the 2015 AVLIC AGM happening in Vancouver.
You can only submit your proxy form until THIS Thursday, June 18th. After that, they can be submitted to by mail, fax, or by paper copy given to me or anyone else you trust to be in attendance on the day of the meeting.
Member representation at the AGM during non-conference years is always low. Quorum for this AGM requires at least 199 votes present in person or by proxy. If you’re unable to attend the AGM in person, please submit your proxy form so your vote can be counted and the meeting can proceed.
There are many important motions that will be voted on at the AGM:
1. Professional Conduct Review Process (Old DRP)
2. Deaf Interpreter Position Paper
3. Allowing reports to be submitted in ASL
4. Changes to the David Still Memorial IEP Award
There are 3 special resolutions that will affect the By-Laws:
1. By-Law 2.5 – 2.9: Membership renewal/lapses/reinstatement etc
2. By-Law Section 6.): Professional Conduct Review Process
3. By-Law Section 4.2: Term of Office of Directors
Thank you for taking the time to submit your proxy.
Cindy Boscow
MAVLI President