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Full Time Community Interpreting Opportunity in Winnipeg, MB

ECCOE Community Interpreter

E-Quality Communication Centre of Excellence (ECCOE) is seeking a qualified professional interpreter to work in community settings such as medical, business, employment, legal, recreation, theatre and many other situations providing ASL/ENG and ENG/ASL interpretation as well as intervenor duties with the Deaf-Blind community.


Graduate of a recognized ASL/English Interpretation Program

Member in good standing of the Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada

Excellent written and spoken English language skills

Flexible and adaptable to new situations with the ability to function independently or in a teamed environment.

Able to work in a variety of settings and embrace a diverse population.

Must possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

Valid drivers license and access to an automobile is required.

Committed to communication excellence for Deaf, Deaf-Blind and non-deaf individuals.


Complete group insurance package including critical illness insurance; additional health services such as, dental, medical, massage therapy, smoking cessation, and a confidential employee assistant program.

Pension available after two years of continuous service.

AVLIC membership dues paid by employer once 6 months probation is achieved.

Professional development financial support to pursue training and/or upgrading of interpreter education credentials. Assistance available for conferences related to interpreting dependent on the fiscal strength of that year; payment of test fees for both WTK and TOI.

Commitment of time to both MAVLI and AVLIC encouraged by the employer.

Involvement in Telehealth Site located in ECCOE head office – the service will provide interpretation to rural parts of Manitoba and Nunavut.

Opportunity to work with Deaf-Blind individuals – ECCOE oversees the Resource Centre for Manitobans who are Deaf-Blind (RCMDB) program.

Salary: is negotiable

Location:  Winnipeg, Manitoba

Start Date: ECCOE does not hire full time staff often and as a result; all individuals interested in pursuing an opportunity to join ECCOE’s team are encouraged to apply. The start date is negotiable.

Most assignments will take place during regular working (day-time) hours, however evening, weekend, and emergency hours are required.

Interested applicants please forward your resume and cover letter to:

Bonnie Heath

Executive Director

E-Quality Communication Centre of Excellence (ECCOE)

200-One Forks Market Road

Winnipeg, MB    R3C 4L9

(e) bonnie.heath@eccoe.ca

(p) 204.926.3270

(c) 204.229.7227

(f) 204.452.0688

Deadline for applications:

February 26th, 2018

Questions about the position and/or process of applying are welcome.