Annual General Meetings

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the main business meeting for the Manitoba Association of Visual Language Interpreters (MAVLI). This meeting takes place annually in a location decided by the MAVLI board of directors, and is run by a parliamentarian and chaired by the MAVLI president. The role of the parliamentarian is to ensure that the meeting runs smoothly; that the voice of the minority is heard, while respecting the will of the majority. Roberts Rules of Order are used to govern the meeting.

AGM packages are distributed to members electronically via the MAVLI secretary and the MAVLI website at least 15 days in advance (Article 11.2) and include the following items:

  • Upcoming AGM Agenda
  • MAVLI Executive reports
  • Audited financial Statements
  • MAVLI Committee reports
  • MAVLI standing and ad hoc committee reports
  • Positions up for Election
  • Nomination forms for the MAVLI Executive and Committee Chairs
  • Proxy Form
  • Other documents / policies for membership review
  • Listing of proposed motions
  • Minutes of previous year’s AGM

The Board of Directors and members are encouraged to prepare and submit motions in advance of the AGM (to allow for distribution), remembering to provide an estimate of the financial implications of the motion, if any, for the association. Motions can be brought to the AGM floor, but again, should be presented in writing (projected to the audience), and include financial implications, if any for the association.

Elections are held during the AGM. If you are a member interested in being nominated or know another member whom you wish to nominate, please contact the Nominations Committee.

The meeting is held in the language of commonality. Interpretation is provided as needed.

If you are interested in volunteering during the AGM, please contact the Secretary.