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Gentle into the Darkness

Gentle Into the Darkness





Gentle into the Darkness, by Canadian author Patricia Conrad, tells the story of
a remarkable deaf woman’s life. Written from a hearing daughter’s perspective,
the book takes us into the life of Hendrika, a strong pioneer woman of humble
origin who tackled life’s challenges with unflagging zeal. She came to Canada
as a six-year-old Dutch immigrant in 1929, losing her hearing to meningitis
soon after. The story chronicles the hardships of immigrant life on the prairies of
Western Canada, delves into deaf education and employment for deaf individuals
in the 1930s and ‘40s, and explores the bicultural experience of hearing children
with deaf parents. Gentle into the Darkness offers a rare “insider” perspective on
life between two cultures. In the final decade of Hendrika’s life came her greatest
challenge–Alzheimer’s disease. Although she did not survive the disease, she
triumphed by leaving a wealth of life lessons in love, courage and perseverance,
and by inspiring us all to reach out and make a difference in small but meaningful
ways. Filled with laughter, tears, and tender moments, this is a book you will not
soon forget. The author will be donating her book royalties to Alzheimer’s research.

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